A Woshio hand wash unit now in Puuvilla shopping centre in Pori

Customers at shopping centre Puuvilla can now wash their hands easily at the new Woshio hand wash unit in the midst of shopping.

Already before the pandemic there was discussion about why you always needed to find a toilet in public spaces if you only wished to wash your hands. Novosan decided to design a hand washing spot that is there when you need it and accessible to everyone. Woshio had been in the designing state for a while, but the pandemic gave it the final spurt into manufacturing.

Woshio hand wash unit now in Puuvilla in Pori

The Woshio hand wash unit was opened for customers of Puuvilla on 15 April 2021. Woshio was put at a central spot where it is easy to find, the Puuvilla Arena. It was easy to find a place for the hand wash unit, as it does not need water or sewage connection, only electricity is needed.

Washing hands is now made easy even for the little customers of Puuvilla

“We want to act responsibly and pay attention to our customers in new ways, this time with the Woshio hand wash unit. Our clientele holds many families with children, so we were really glad that adjustable Woshio also fitted our little customers – the other washbasin is installed at a height that is easy to reach for a child. In addition to safety and hygiene, we at Puuvilla want to emphasise ecological choices and thus we are on a continuous look out for new solutions to maintain our status as an energy effective, low-emission shopping centre.”
Shopping Centre Director Tiina Justén, Porin Puuvilla

Better hand hygiene and safety while saving water, one tank lasts up to 40,000 hand washes

“Washing your hands is the best way to maintain good hand hygiene and battle the spread of viruses and bacteria. The automatic faucet and soap dispenser are touch-free as well as very hygienic and easy to use. In addition, Woshio saves water. With just one tank, the savings can be up to 150,000 litres. This is, in fact, an interesting product for the export market, to places where there is more lack of clean water than here in Finland.”
Hanno Airas, Woshio Finland, Founder

“Woshio is a pioneer by its technical features and there is no equivalent product available in the whole world. A movable hand wash unit – a basic function seen in a new light and made easily accessible. Woshio’s appearance depicts Scandinavian design at its best, and the materials have been carefully chosen to last long in demanding public use and consumption.”
Sauli Suomi, Woshio Finland, Founder

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