Clean hands, safer spaces – everywhere and anywhere.
Woshio is a mobile and modifiable hand wash unit designed for public spaces.

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Woshio is right where your customers are

We all know the feeling of relief that washes over us once we’ve arrived home and washed our hands. The peace of mind that clean safety provides. Woshio is just that – a hand wash unit along your customer’s way. This innovative solution suits any space, as it requires no plumbing, just electricity. Woshio is a simple and easy way to offer your customers the possibility of a familiar and safe hand wash en route. Woshio n’ go!

No plumbing, no hassle

This Finnish innovation only requires electricity and a bit of space to work – no plumbing, no hassle. Woshio is provided as a service that includes everything you and your customers need (installation, product refills and maintenance) making it an easy solution for all.

Mobile and modifiable

Woshio is mobile and modifiable, so it suits any and every kind of space. The hand wash unit is compiled to suit your space and wishes, and it can always be moved or reassembled.

Good hygiene

Washing one’s hands is a fast, easy, familiar and pleasant way to maintain good hygiene. Offering the possibility to wash one’s hands outside of the restrooms sends a clear message to your customers: here safety is a priority.

Stand out and attract positive attention

Woshio sends a visionary and brave message about searching for new solutions to current challenges. It is an investment not only in hygiene and safety, but also in service, comfort and branding. Set the bar higher than your competition, stand out and attract positive attention.


A hand wash unit that feels familiar and safe yet it’s like nothing the world has seen before. Contact us and we’ll let you in on how our finnovation works.

Hanno Airas
+358 50 571 7672

Sauli Suomi
+358 40 078 1375

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