Novosan, Woshio and Finnvoda – From water purification systems to hand purification systems

Co-operating with Novosan has been absolutely inspiring. It’s been an honor and a joy having been invited to work on the future of hand washing with you. We thank you Hanno and Sauli, for inviting us in.

Co-operating with Novosan has been absolutely inspiring. It’s been an honor and a joy having been invited to work on the future of hand washing with you. We thank you Hanno and Sauli, for inviting us in.

The world has most definitely changed, there’s no denying that. Gradually, the importance of personal hygiene, disinfection and washing hands has increased to absolutely unprecedented levels. Premise owners and operators are desperately trying to find ways to protect their visitors and customers from an invisible threat. The tools at disposal consist of disinfection points, social distancing guidelines, restrictions on the use of premises and restricting the number of concurrent users. Washing hands however, would be one of the most effective ways to improve the situation, but why is accommodating and providing extra opportunities for washing hands so non-existent?

  • Washing hands requires clean water, which in turn requires infrastructure. It’s not convenient to install piping to ie. a crowded hallway of a shopping mall to increase opportunities for hand washing
  • Even if installing the piping was practical, it wouldn’t be even nearly as cost effective as just increasing disinfection points 

“Couldn’t you just build an independent hand washing station with just water tanks?”

Technically, however practical problems become immediately apparent

  • Huge demand for space – A system would require two huge and identical in size water tanks. Water is not re-used by purifying, so all used water would have to be led to a dedicated “waste water” tank
  • Demanding upkeep – New pure water must be added and the waste water tank emptied on daily basis
  • Lousy customer experience – Due to a limited amount of available water, the system would have to ration the water for every user, leading to a lousy user experience
  • Replacing large water masses almost daily would be complicated and expensive
  • Location restrictions – The system would have to be located in the vicinity of water utilities due to constant need of replacing the waters
  • All of this leading to huge downtime while the system is being serviced

So how did we solve the practical problems?

Woshio utilizes a combination of Reverse Osmosis (RO) and UV-sterilization to purify the water. Reverse Osmosis is a powerful and established method for removing solved and dissolved contaminants from water. RO-membrane separates a stream of water to permeate (the clean water), and concentrate (portion of the water, which contains all the impurities). The method is commonly used in creating drinkable water from sea waters. As for the purification capabilities, one of the hallmarks of RO is that it’s also utilized generating especially pure water for the medical industry and hospitals 

Although reverse osmosis by itself is enough to ensure safe water, the system additionally utilizes UV-sterilization (wavelength 253.7 nm (1182,5 THz)) which is a powerful method for neutralizing bacteria and viruses. Double the safety.

Woshio is able to reuse the same water to up to multiple hundreds of times. We developed and patented a technology for recirculating and purifying used water called ACC (Advanced Closed Circuit), which enables the system to convert a tank of 600-700 liters easily to up to 150 000 liters of pure water for washing hands. Due to ACC, the size of the system can be kept compact and there is no need for a large waste water tank. ACC functions by directing concentrate from the water purification process to a separate tank or tank compartment, enabling the water mass to be divided into two separate quality water bodies; the better quality water which is directed back to the process and to the water which contains all the impurities. ACC prolongs the period in which the water body must be completely replaced by a massive margin, it helps minimize the tank size, lowers the time spent on maintenance and upkeeping while simultaneously improving the purification process efficiency.

We also utilize a multitude of our other patented technologies in Woshio, some of them new, some older. Due to our patented HybridFlow-technlogy, the water is delivered to the taps without a delivery pump. HybridFlow consists of a two-side diaphragm pressure vessel, where both sides of the vessel is filled with pressurized water. When a tap opens, pressure is released from the inner side of the vessel and prompting the raw water pump to start. The pump then increases pressure on the other side of the vessel, pressuring the water to move. Due to HybridFlow, Woshio is able to run extremely energy efficient and there are no delays for the purification process to start.

Our flagship technology ICR (Integrated Concentrate Recirculation), has also found an important role inside Woshio. The reverse osmosis recovery rate inside the system is an astonishing 80% (each liter of raw water is made into 0,8 dl of pure water), which makes the reject water especially concentrated. This enables especially efficient separation of impurities for the ACC-technology.

All of this reduces the maintenance and upkeep to a minimum. Woshio is able to run independently ranging from months to years depending on configuration and even indefinitely without ever changing the complete water body ever. Even the waste heat from the pumps is utilized in warming up the water to a nice-to-use level.

As the system provides what is essentially limitless water, there is no need for rationing water per user. Water quality is of better quality than municipal tap water and extremely soft.

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