We answered the public demand – a movable Woshio hand wash unit to enable public events of summer 2021!

Woshio puts emphasis on hand hygiene, making it better than before – now outdoors, too.

To accompany the indoor hand wash unit, an outdoor version, Woshio Offroad, has now been launched.

Woshio gives you the safe and familiar chance to wash your hands – in a simple and easy way

The Woshio hand wash unit is made in Finland and the innovation behind it is based on patented techniques of recycling water. Woshio does not require water or sewage connection – only electricity is needed. In addition, Woshio saves water. One tank can provide you with up to 40,000 hand washes, which saves about 150,000 litres of water.

“Our conversation with the City of Helsinki pointed out that a hand wash unit designed for outdoor use is very much in demand for many venues and events. We then started the development process for the outdoor model and now Woshio Offroad is making better hand hygiene possible for outdoor events of summer 2021.”
Hanno Airas, Woshio Finland, Founder

The materials of Woshio have been carefully chosen to last in demanding use and consumption

The outdoor model Offroad is made with weatherproof cover material and a burglar-proof rolling door that can be used to cover the unit when it is not needed. The automatic faucet and soap dispenser are touch-free and thus very hygienic and easy to use. The Offroad has been measured for two washbasins. A Woshio hand wash unit can also include a washbasin that is installed at a lower height for children and the disabled.

“Our newest model, Offroad, that is designed to be used outdoors, especially depicts Woshio’s versatility and how easy it is to place exactly where the crowds are. Offering a place to wash your hands outdoors has never been this easy. Demand for our solution has, expectedly, been high and we now have the pleasure to introduce this new addition to our collection.”
Sauli Suomi, Woshio Finland, Founder

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